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UCLA Audiology and Speech Pathology


Audiology Services

The UCLA Audiology Clinic provides comprehensive services, including evaluation, hearing aid dispensing and cochlear implant services.

Speech Pathology Services

The UCLA Speech Pathology Clinic treats individuals with speech, language, cognitive, and/or swallowing problems.
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Hearing Aids - What's New?

Slim-tube BTE (behind-the-ear) small cosmetically appealing hearing aid

Slim-tube BTE
Small, cosmetically appealing hearing aids.

Use your iPhone
to "talk to" your hearing aids.

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Audiology & Speech Pathology Clinics are located at 200 UCLA Medical Plaza, suite 540, Los Angeles, CA - Westwood area

Our Location

200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 540
Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 825-5721 Audiology

(310) 825-8551 Speech Pathology

Speech Disorders

Problems in the motor programming of movement for speech

Speech disorder occurring because of problems with the central or peripheral nervous system.

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